“Nobody counts the number of ads you run; they just remember the impression you make.” – Bill Bernbach

Why Not?

At ProTeam Films, we are constantly striving to redefine the concept of production by taking it a notch higher every single time. The end result is extremely dear to us, but the process, a little more... And through all of this, it's the director's vision that matters the most. We try our best to work out the most cost effective way to make the director's vision a reality.

ProTeam Films is a service production company, specialized in making television commercials and documentaries. The company was set up by Riyaz Memon with the vision to realize his deep passion for filmmaking, both in India and overseas. Riyaz Memon and Sejal Deshpande form the core team and run the company along with an impressive bunch of go-getters. ProTeam is based out of Mumbai.

Riyaz comes with more than 14 years of experience in film production and zealously believes in the power of planning to the very last detail. He has a backup plan for every plan he makes. If that isn't enough, he has a backup for the backup plan as well. Riyaz wears his passion for his job on his sleeve and strives to ensure that you get your money's worth, each time. If there's one thing he won't do, it would be to make promises he can't keep. His love for punctuality is something most people are terrified of. Be it shoots or meetings, there is a call time, and then a pre call time for Riyaz. All these habits have kept him in good stead. The result? Some path breaking work during his 14-year tenure at Nomad Films. His deep understanding of the international market comes from the fact that he has worked with leading production houses across the world like Stink, RSA, Academy Films, Knucklehead, Pulse, Landia and Agosto Films.

Riyaz Memon

Sejal Deshpande

'Wearing many hats' takes on a different meaning when it comes to Sejal. She's had the rare distinction of having worn many hats in the past 9 years, with each having fit as beautifully as the rest. From making documentaries to producing ad films, from creating content for television to managing live events, from being an anchor to hosting a show on radio, Sejal has shown the same élan and comfort across mediums. Thanks to her cool-as-a-cucumber demeanor, the team remains sane through most of the maddening and challenging times. Her attention to detail and her versatile experience often save a difficult day. When she is not working, she is trailblazing across different terrain around the country and the globe to satiate the travel bug in her. Among Sejal's fortes are her social and inter-personal skills, which helps ProTeam develop longer, lasting relationships with clients and team members alike. Having started her career in the United Kingdom with a TV channel, her global work experience helps her deal with the international clients with ease.