India Calling

All that you need to know and more...


We believe that every new project is like a blank canvas waiting to be turned into art. For us, the strokes that turn the canvas into art is the crew. Hence, putting the right crew together, depending on the project's requirements, is the most critical part of any film. When you shoot with us, you can trust us with bringing on board a crew which is sure to create nothing less than a piece of art.

Customs & Duty

Customs in India are strict and hence it is not advisable to carry any film equipment into the country without proper permission. We can arrange for most of the specialized camera and grip requirements either locally or source it from Singapore or Bangkok. If you need to carry your own equipment, you simply need to inform us and we will take care of the mandatory requirements and documentation. Documentation can be boring, but we would love to do it for you!


All major cities in India have world-class accommodation facilities. We will ensure that you are offered the finest and most comfortable accommodation that is well connected by road, rail and air and offer good connectivity.


Most Indian cities are well connected by road and rail. Smaller towns don't have airports and air travel is not always possible. But once we know your schedule, we will make the most convenient and comfortable travel arrangements for you. One thing that you can be certain is that you will never lose your way! Do remember that there is nothing like too much honking in India.

Culture & Religion

India is a secular country with a high tolerance for all religions. We are a bunch of highly sensitive people. So, though we may be tolerant, it doesn't take too much of an effort to offend us. Not all of us, of course. The amazingly colourful culture and traditions in this country is sure to boggle your mind.

One word of advice – When you come to India, come with an open mind, and you are sure to leave with a suitcase full of wonderful memories.